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Hearing Services

Hearing Aids in Navajo County
* Sales & Repairs!!!
* Hearing Aid Repairs - all makes and models- some 'in-office' repairs
* Hearing Evaluations - all ages  
* Specialized testing
* Educational testing on and off site

* Industrial testing and follow up testing
* Central Auditory Processing Testing
* Hearing Aids- different sizes, colors & styles. Demo hearing aids available to 'try before you buy' (per agreement) - see list of manufacturers
* 30 day adjustment period for new hearing aids, free cleaning & adjustments on instruments purchased at  our office
* Hearing aid accessories---batteries, cleaning tools, etc.

* Custom in the ear products: hearing aid   ear molds,  custom ear protection, custom products for headsets, musicians, swimmers, surfers and sleep   plugs available

* Personal FM and Assistive Listening Devices
* Nursing Home and Home Bound visits (pre- arranged)
* Hearing Screening Classes and Workshops available several time per year
* Work with and/or coordinate with: Arizona State School for the Deaf and Blind, Lions Club, Vocational Rehabilitation,
* School Districts, Early Intervention Programs, Indian Health services and other agencies
Hearing Aids
At White Mountain Hearing Services LLC, we are well-versed, expert professional purveyors of hearing aids, when the hearing-impaired of Lakeside, AZ suffer, White Mountain Hearing Services LLC is there with the latest in technologies. We offer the most up-to-date hearing aids because our core mission as a hearing aid specialist is to offer only the best, most effective solutions.

At White Mountain Hearing Services LLC you will get the personal attention that your situation surely deserves. Only a hearing aid specialist like White Mountain Hearing Services LLC is situated to offer you the best-fitting, most effective hearing aids to match the demands of your hearing condition. Most of all, White Mountain Hearing Services LLC offers you the chance to be proactive. Why continue suffering hearing frustrations each and every day when a hearing aid could be the remedy? There's a solution out there, aoday.nd White Mountain Hearing Services LLC is most likely the closest thing to it.

With our hearing aids, you can go about your business and social interactions without interruption. Give White Mountain Hearing Services LLC a call to set up an appointment.
Hearing Tests
Hearing is an essential part of a good life. It gives us the ability to enjoy music, conversation, and the pitter-patter of a rainy night. Unfortunately, age and other factors can lead to hearing loss, and it can often be difficult to tell just how much has slipped away. Fortunately, White Mountain Hearing Services LLC in Lakeside is here to help with professional testing and diagnostic services. If you've already suffered from hearing loss or suspect that your hearing isn't as sharp as it once was, you can put your trust in hearing screening at White Mountain Hearing Services LLC. Our trained practitioners pair the latest technologies with years of experience to accurately test and diagnose hearing problems. You dont have to suffer through hearing challenges any longer. Call us today to schedule a screening.
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We have been providing quality hearing care to residents in the White Mountains for over 30 years. Come in and check out our services today!
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